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We recognize the significance of having dependable heating and cooling services in Etna and throughout Columbus, OH. That’s why we’re dedicated to delivering heating and cooling solutions you can rely on. Our team of licensed technicians is committed to addressing all your heating and cooling requirements.

Our certified technicians are highly skilled and dedicated to providing top-notch service to our valued customers. With years of experience in the industry, we’ve assisted numerous individuals with their heating and cooling needs. Our team is always prepared to assist you when you need it most!

To ensure safety, our technicians undergo thorough drug testing and background checks. They also engage in ongoing training to enhance their heating, cooling, and indoor air quality expertise. As a well-established heating and cooling service provider in Etna, OH, we recognize the importance of staying current with industry trends. Our commitment to continual training ensures that our technicians deliver the highest service to our customers.

Exploring Etna, Ohio:

Etna, Ohio, is a serene village with a rich history and a selection of noteworthy places to explore. Here are some destinations you might find interesting when visiting this charming village:

The Etna Town Hall, constructed in 1889, has a fascinating history. Over the years, it has served various purposes — from an apartment building to an electrical repair shop and even a laundromat. In 1999, it was acquired by the Village of Etna and repurposed as their town hall. The building retains its original bell, which is still used to signal the start and end of meetings. You can find the Etna Town Hall at 1 North Main Street, Etna, just across from the high school.

The bell housed in the local fire station carries a rich historical legacy. Donated by a local businessman named Mr. Elmer “Penny” Miller in 1919, this bell rings during fire drills and emergency responses, alerting the entire town to ongoing emergencies and ensuring their safety.

Etna boasts two small parks. The larger park, situated on the southern side of the village, features a picturesque pond with a charming bridge. Meanwhile, the smaller park in the northern part of town is primarily equipped with a baseball diamond.

Etna welcomes individuals of all faiths with open arms. The village is home to ten churches representing six different denominations, including Assembly of God, Baptist, Catholic, Episcopal, Lutheran, and Methodist. These churches vary in size and history, with some being long-established and others more recently founded. Whether seeking spiritual solace or simply curious about the village’s religious diversity, you’ll find a warm reception among Etna’s faith communities.

Homeowners or business owners must have reliable heating and cooling services. Your home or business should offer comfort, safety, and energy efficiency. That’s why we provide comprehensive heating and cooling services for both residential and commercial properties in Etna.

Our comprehensive heating and cooling services include:

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