Seven Tips to Help Maintain Your HVAC System During the Changing of Seasons

Mar 3, 2020 | Air Conditioning, Furnace, Hilliard-Dublin, HVAC Maintenance | 0 comments

Unfortunately, HVAC maintenance is an investment some homeowners fail to utilize. And, unfortunately, they pay for it.

When homeowners neglect annual HVAC maintenance, they run the risk of unforeseen breakdowns at the worst possible times. These result in unexpected and expensive repairs. To avoid unpleasant surprises like this, make sure you have HVAC maintenance conducted annually by a trusted certified professional.

The most suitable time for this HVAC servicing is when the seasons change. A simple, fast, and affordable tune-up can recognize and repair issues ahead of summer and wintertime when you need your home’s system the most. And while this servicing needs to be done by a professional, there are still things homeowners can do themselves.

To help you understand some of these things you can do on your own for maintenance, we at Hilliard-Dublin Heating & Air composed the following change-of-season maintenance guide.

Tips to Help Maintain Your HVAC During Season Change in the Columbus, Ohio, Area:

Change Your Furnace Filter

This tip is number one for a good reason. It’s simple and easy to perform, and it can have a significant impact on the well-being of your HVAC system as well as your air quality. A clean furnace filter reduces your energy consumption by up to 15 percent. If your air filter is disposable, change it monthly and on a particularly memorable day. The first day of the month is ideal. If you have a permanent air filter, remove it and wash it monthly. Finally, if you would like to enhance your indoor air quality and make your air filter last longer, an in-home air purifier might be a wise investment.

Clear Your Drainage Hole

Your air conditioner usually has a drainage hole found at its base, underneath its evaporator fins. In order for your air conditioner to perform effectively, this hole needs to be kept unobstructed. While the hole might be too small to clear out by hand, something little like a paper clip or wire works well.

Let Your Dehumidifier Dry Out

At certain times of the year, dehumidifiers can become priceless. To ensure a dehumidifier is performing at its best, take out the external casing and let your system dry out. After the system has dried, use a vacuum to remove all the built-up dirt and debris prior to putting all of it back together.

Eliminate Obstructions from Your Exterior System

Although your air conditioner is outside of your home, you still can’t allow the exterior elements to compromise it. Examine your AC unit monthly to eliminate any vegetation or debris developing around it. Developing vegetation encircling your air conditioner must not be permitted to grow within two feet of it. Maintaining this zone clear enables your air conditioner to draw in the air it requires to regulate the temperature inside your home.

Bathroom Fans Must be Cleaned

The fans in your bathroom work all year long, and during the change of seasons it’s an excellent time to guarantee the work they do is as effective as feasible. Take down the covers from your fans and then wash them with soap and warm water. After these covers are off, find an old toothbrush to scrub the fan blades before replacing the cover again. And lastly, before doing all this, make sure the electricity to the fan is off for safety reasons.

Smart Thermostats Are Smart Investments

A smart thermostat, or even a programmable thermostat is always a wise investment that pays for itself. A smart thermostat enables you to program your desired temperature levels ahead of time so that it’s more comfortable when you are home and awake. When you are sleeping or away from home, it then lowers itself for efficiency. In addition to this, smart thermostat systems communicate with you and implement things to save even more money on your energy bill. They can be controlled remotely via your cell phone. 

Clean Your Air Vents and Ducts

Another component of your HVAC system that gets clogged with dust, dirt, and dander is your air vents. This obstruction reduces the flow of air. Therefore, the air reaching you won’t be as warm or cool as you want it to be. To avoid this, try dusting your air vents as part of your routine household cleaning to stop the dust from collecting. While doing this, check each time to make sure no curtains, boxes, furniture, or plants are obstructing the vents.

The Importance of Professional Help

On top of all these things you can do yourself at home, hiring a professional HVAC technician is just as vital, if not more so. To ensure the life and efficiency of your system, hire a reputable licensed HVAC contractor with trained technicians. At Hilliard-Dublin Heating & Air, our technicians are certified, and our work is guaranteed. We are a five-star-rated family company built on values. In addition to saving you money on energy bills, our techs ensure the efficiency of your system and help keep it under warranty — averting possible breakdowns during the hottest of summer days and the coldest of winter nights. For more information, please call Hilliard-Dublin Heating & Air today at 614-490-7520, or schedule an appointment now by clicking here!. As always, we’d love to hear from you!