Remedies for Solving Uneven Home Heating Issues

Mar 10, 2020 | Furnace, Heating, HVAC Maintenance | 0 comments

Do you have issues with inconsistent temperatures in the different levels or rooms in your home? When your house has multiple levels, you have a greater chance of developing uneven heating issues. Not only that but if your HVAC system is older than seven years, it’s more inclined to uneven heating and cooling issues. To help you fix inconsistent or uneven heating problems, we at Hilliard-Dublin Heating & Air wrote the following. 

Five Methods to Eliminate Uneven Heating and Cooling Issues in Your Columbus, Ohio, Area Home

Switch Your Thermostat from “Auto” to “On” 

If the temperature fluctuates in different parts of your house, we recommend switching your thermostat’s fan setting from “Auto” to “On.” Setting it to “On” helps circulate the air throughout your residence, even if the cooling cycle is over. It helps maintain consistent temperatures in the different floors and rooms in your home. 

Getting a Zoning System to Even Things Out

Before we talk about zoning systems, we should probably tell you what they are. If you don’t already know, a zoning system is a device that allows you to control the temperatures in each part of your home independently. This usually involves multiple thermostats for the different “zones” of your home. Installing a zoning system might cost a chunk of money. However, it’s a wise investment if you are struggling with this problem.

Checking Your Air Ducts for Leaks

Developing a leak in your ductwork is comparable to having a leak in a straw you’re drinking from. Obviously, this does not work out the best, if at all, if you’re trying to pull liquid through it. The same goes for air. Leaks in your air duct system cause the flow of air in your home to become uneven. If left unabated, it can make your HVAC system struggle ten times more than it should have to. Any sort of leakage like this in your home’s HVAC system creates a variety of problems, take for instance, a spike in your energy bills. If you suspect you have a leak, please call Hilliard-Dublin Heating & Air today or reach out to us online, so one of our friendly certified HVAC technicians can help you out.

Make Sure Your Attic is Well Insulated

The insulation in your attic plays a major role in the consistency of your home’s temperature levels. If your attic isn’t adequately insulated, the air escapes faster, which runs up your energy bill as your system labors harder to maintain the temperature. Grossly inadequate insulation levels can be as bad as having a door wide open in the dead of winter. Imagine all that money going through the roof. Not only that, but because your HVAC system has to work extremely hard to keep up with this loss of warm or cool air, this puts a lot of unnecessary stress on your system that can cause it harm. So before those peak hot and cold months hit, make sure to check your attic’s insulation levels.

Check for Dust and Vent Blockage

Dust build-up and debris blockage in ductwork are other issues that can make your HVAC system work harder than it should and lead to uneven temperature levels. So if you are having issues, check around your home to make sure nothing (like furniture or curtains) is blocking any of your air vents and make sure they are all open. Also, having your air ducts cleaned annually not only improves indoor air quality, but it also keeps your system healthy. We at Hilliard-Dublin Heating & Air provide this service, so be sure to call us and set up an appointment today!

Still Need Help With Your HVAC System?

Coping with uneven levels of temperature in your home can get frustrating and difficult to handle if you aren’t aware of the ins and outs of HVAC systems. If you’re looking for help, or have questions, please call Hilliard-Dublin Heating & Air today at 614-490-7520 or visit us on the web by following this link. We would love to hear from you!