Common Misconceptions About Your HVAC System

Feb 5, 2020 | Furnace, Heating, Safety | 0 comments

Regardless of whether it’s a scorching hot summer day in Ohio or a freezing cold winter night, your home’s HVAC system is always striving to keep you comfortable year-round. 

With that being said, there are numerous misconceptions relating to your home’s furnace and air conditioning systems, accompanied by the specific “do’s” and “don’ts” that are associated with them. To educate you about a few of them, we at Hilliard-Dublin Heating & Air debunked the following myths about your HVAC system.


Myths About Your HVAC System

Adjusting The Thermostat Down All The Way Will Cool Off Your Home Quicker

Thermostats transmit data to your system that commands for it to switch on and off according to the desired temperature level you wish to sustain. Turning it down all the way does not cool off your home any quicker. The same goes for wintertime and turning it up all the way. That’s simply not how it works.


Shutting The Vents In Unoccupied Rooms Improves Energy Efficiency

Shutting your vents can increase the flow of air and add pressure in the ducts, which can produce air leaks at the vent’s seams. If your home has hot and cold areas, we advise considering a zoning system.


Air Filters Only Need To Be Changed Once A Year

We strongly advise that you change your air filter regularly, like once every two months, and even more frequently if you have pets in your home. Nevertheless, you can spare yourself the hassle of changing your filter so often by getting an air purifier installed.


Regular Maintenance Is Not Mandatory

Your home’s HVAC system is an expensive and complicated machine that requires annual tune-ups similar to that of a new car. HVAC systems have lots of moving components that need inspected, oiled, lubed, and cleaned frequently. Computations are necessary to ensure your system is operating at its optimal performance. We strongly advise that you have a professional tune-up your AC and furnace once every year to ensure its longevity and efficiency. Having your system tuned up every year can protect you from expensive repairs down the road. When it comes to HVAC systems, it always pays to be proactive rather than reactive.


The Larger The HVAC System, The More Beneficial

A system that is excessively big for your residence will cause it to cycle on and off continuously, which will cost you extra money to continue operating and will reduce the lifespan of your system. When the time comes to replace your home’s unit, one of our experienced technicians can measure each room in your home and suggest a system for you that has the exact specs you need to guarantee you have the most energy-efficient model available.


Still Have Questions About Your HVAC System?

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