Why is My Furnace Leaking?

Nov 5, 2019 | Furnace, Furnace Replacement

Have you noticed your furnace leaking?  If it is, don’t let this issue continue!  Leaking liquid can cause mold to grow, clogging, and permanent damage to your valuable furnace system. 


Your Condensation Drain Could Be Plugged Up

If your drain is plugged up, the added water doesn’t have anywhere to go. The drain will fill, flow onto the condenser pipe, and then overflow. The drain is connected to the floor where it can be emptied by itself. Most of the time, high-efficiency gas furnaces have this problem.  The less effective furnace with a metal dispense pipe should never be leaking. If it does start leaking out from the metal pipe, it could mean you have the incorrect size pipe. It will then go back up into the furnace and ooze out. 


Broken Secondary Heat Exchanger in Unit 

If you have a heat exchanger break, it could lead to severe problems. It could destroy your unit, and then an expert will have to work on it. Eventually, this could leave you requiring to purchase a completely new system. 


Getting a Furnace Humidifier 

The prime issue when having a leak in your humidifier is it leaking into your furnace. When getting a furnace tune-up or an SMA with us, you’re less likely to have this dilemma because the system gets inspected as it should. A leak this large could create a lot more harm, though, if not taken care of before you have a tune-up if the problem is already happening. 


Internal System Clogged 

This problem is more for the homes that have the air conditioner and furnace drain combined. If the drain is already clogged from your furnace, you will have the same issue when you go to turn your furnace unit on. 


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