What Are HVAC Basics Every Homeowner Should Know? 

Apr 22, 2022 | DIY, Air Filter, Blog, Hilliard-Dublin, HVAC Maintenance, OH, Ohio, Spring

In order to keep your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system running at its best and lasting for years, it is essential homeowners know the basics of their HVAC system. You can maximize your system’s efficiency and get the most out of your heating and cooling unit with proper care and maintenance. So if you’d like to know more about the basics of your HVAC system, keep reading for some pointers from your Hilliard-Dublin Heating & Air local service professionals.

What Basic Details Should I Know About My HVAC System?

First things first, you should know some basic information about your heating and cooling units in case an unexpected situation arises; you will be prepared with the proper information required to make an informed decision. You should know:

  1. The age of the AC unit & furnace- This is important because your furnace and air conditioner may not be the same age as each other. This could’ve happened if you were not the first owner of your home and one unit has already been replaced. 
  2. The kind of furnace- Is your furnace fueled by gas or electricity? Knowing the difference is an essential detail to keep in mind. 
  3. The kind of air conditioner- There is also more than one kind of air conditioner available on the market. So, this is another detail you want to remember. Your air conditioning system could be forced or centralized air. 

Suppose you don’t know the answer to any of these questions; there is no need to stress about it. We can help! Our NATE-certified technicians can assist you with this upon your next seasonal maintenance check.

Why Should I Get My Units Serviced Seasonally?

Preventative maintenance is mandatory to keep your residential HVAC system running correctly and last for as long as possible. So what does it mean to practice preventive maintenance for your HVAC system? Your furnace and AC unit should be serviced once a year before the start of the season. For example, your furnace should have been serviced last fall. And your air conditioner should be serviced in the spring before the season starts warming up. Haven’t booked your spring tune-up & safety check yet? No worries! Call us today, and we will get you on the calendar for your spring maintenance check!

What Should I Take Care of My Ducts? 

It’s easy to forget that your ductwork needs occasional upkeep too. But ductwork is the way airflow is distributed evenly throughout your home. Therefore, it is vital to ensure there are no holes or openings in your ductwork that will cause air leaks. If the airflow is escaping from your ducts at an unusual rate, this could overwork your HVAC system and significantly raise its energy consumption. For this reason, we recommend frequently checking any exposed ductwork in your home to ensure there are no holes that need to be patched.

What Do Air Filters Do & Why Should You Change Them Regularly?

The purpose of an air filter is to trap and hold air contaminants and prevent them from blowing into the open air within your home. So if an air filter is not changed regularly, your home’s indoor air quality will be negatively affected. Poor indoor air quality can have adverse side effects on you or any individual residing in your home. An unchanged air filter will also result in the blockage of airflow due to airflow restriction. When this happens, this can cause unnecessary issues for your HVAC system. So take our word for it, and stay ahead of these potential problems by changing your air filters as suggested every 1-2 months.

Hilliard-Dublin Heating & Air wants the best for you, your home, and your family. Remembering these basics about your HVAC system and enforcing these essential tips for proper upkeep will help prolong the lifespan of your HVAC system and ensure the units can function at their highest potential. If you have any other concerns you’d like to discuss or perhaps still need to schedule that spring maintenance check, what are you waiting for? We are here for all of your HVAC needs! Call us today at (614) 490-7520, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here!