We Are Thankful For

Nov 26, 2019 | Community, Holiday, Winter

Thanksgiving – A Time of Cheer and Thanks

Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect.

With the holidays underway and another year wrapping up, it is a great time to come together with our families, friends and loved ones. We celebrate life together on Thanksgiving, and we show our gratitude for the many blessings of another year. As people, we all have much to be grateful for. There was a time in man’s not-too-distant history when the vast majority of our food for the year came from one crop, and all in one harvest. While other animals can sustain themselves year-round with a diverse diet, civilized man was unique in this way. Our way of life depended solely on the crop and on the harvest. If the harvest was bad, we had famine or war. If the harvest was good, we celebrated with food, festivities, and fun. We celebrated abundance, year in, and year out. Over the centuries, this celebration has evolved into what we today call Thanksgiving… Although we no longer depend on that harvest today like we used to, it still does not change the need we as people have to express gratitude. And no matter how bad things are going in life, we always have things to be grateful for. Some of us have a loving family. Some of us have our health, security, great jobs, a home, and a community. And we all have each other. We were born in a great nation. We were born at a great time.


To Our Hilliard-Dublin Community 

We at Hilliard-Dublin Heating and Air, like you, have much to be grateful for. In addition to being grateful for being able to work in your community, we are grateful for your business, for you, for your family. We are thankful we can provide you and your family comfort, warmth, and safety this winter, and that you have welcomed our technicians into your homes. We’re thankful to be able to install HVAC equipment that keeps you warm. Whether we come out to fix or install a furnace, we’re glad we can provide heat for your home. We are always working to stay ahead of the latest heating and cooling trends and save you money. But we’re grateful for the community as a whole, and we want you to know we enjoy working here. This winter, or in the future, if there is anything we can do for you, don’t hesitate to call Hilliard-Dublin Heating & Air today at 614-490-7520, or schedule an appointment now at www.hilliarddublinheatingandair.com/schedule-now/.

Thanks, and God bless.